Nothing Says Pull Me Over Like A Cracked Windshield. 

Get Your Windshield Repaired or Replaced Today!

Miller Glass replaces all auto glass, whether it is a side window on a motor home, or the windshield on a full-size truck. We also provide mobile services so you never need to leave the comfort of your home. Whether you are driving the newest model, or an older vehicle, we can handle your make and model.

Windshield repairneeds windshield repair

We offer a complete range of auto glass service:

  • Mirror glass replacement

  • Flat-laminated glass for vehicles

  • Restoration of glass in classic vehicles

  • Side Glass


We work with a majority of the local dealerships for both foreign and domestic vehicles. We have many glass items in stock for common vehicles. If your glass is not in our inventory, we can get most glass either that same day or the next day. Typically, we can have your glass replaced either that day, or within 24 hours.Requesting a price quote is easy. Just complete our Free Quote Form. We will promptly contact you with an estimate. Usually within one business day.

Glass cleaning products:
Not only do we repair and replace window glass, we also provide products to keep your glass looking brand new. Mention this at our shop and receive a free bottle of high-quality window cleaner with the purchase of any glass service.