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Quick Windshield Replacement

Quick Windshield Replacement

We work with a majority of local dealerships for both foreign and domestic vehicles. We have many glass items in stock for common vehicles so the job is usually very quickly done.
Decorate. Insulate. Renovate

Decorate. Insulate. Renovate

Miller Glass works with many of the leading window manufacturers. Whether it's a new or replacement product, Miller has the window or door that's the perfect fit for your budget and style.
Storefronts to Subdivisions

Storefronts to Subdivisions

Miller Glass is your source for any commercial glass project. For over 40 years Miller has been servicing the business community and building contractors with trained glass technicians.
Commercial and Residential Style Restoration

Miller Glass in Chico, Paradise, Oroville and Orland works with numerous suppliers such as Marvin, Windsor, All-Weather, and Hope's Steel Windows to give our customers many choices when historically re-creating your home or commercial building.


Over time its been very common for owners to replace old wood windows with aluminum frames, and then perhaps eventually swapping for vinyl dual-pane windows and now have the desire to return to the classic look that only specialty windows can offer.


Whether you're designing it yourself or you've hired the assistance of a professional architect, allow us to help educate you through the many options and advancements that have made the new generation of wood windows virtually maintenance free.


Window Screens Replace or repair the screens on your house to allow you to let the cool air in and keep the bugs out. Sun Screens, Pet Screens and Insect Screens are just three types of screens we can expertly replace or repair.


Energy and Sound If you're looking to replace old single-pane steel or aluminum windows in your loft or industrial application, there are new dual pane products that will mirror your style while still giving you the latest advances in sound reduction and energy saving.


Projects Large & Small Have a bigger project in mind? Miller Glass has the ability to handle any size construction project. We deliver, install, and repair any commercial glazing application throughout a project's entire schedule. We have the solutions to meet your glazing needs, windows or doors, interior and exterior. See what 40 years of business experience can bring to your commercial project.

Windshields and Automotive Glass
Whatever the make and model, from a classic Volkswagen beetle to the side window of a motorhome, Miller Glass can replace it. Because we provide mobile services, you won't have to drive your vehicle with a broken windshield. We stock many common windows and windshields, but if it's not in inventory, we can get most glass the same day or next. Repairing rock chips and cracks, fixing a leaky window, and realigning a window that has gone off-track are all jobs Miller Glass can handle with ease. When we say "For All Your Glass Needs," we actually mean it.